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OUR MISSION:  The Upper Murray Learning Community is a partnership of all schools in the Upper Murray district, working together with parents and the wider communities to provides quality education that values the future of all our students and staff.

SUSTAINING OUR FUTURE:  As a collective we will build a sustainable culture of cooperation and work together to maximise opportunities for our staff and students. We aim to successfully plan for growth, provide opportunities for our staff, students and communities to continuously improve whilst supporting each other to improve efficiency.

OUR VISION:  Students to work collaboratively to provide opportunities for our students to engage in their education and develop a sense of belonging that will encourage and support our students to grow their aspirations.

WORKFORCE:  To develop a sustainable, high quality and fluid workforce that promotes shared values, has opportunities for collaborative professional development, enhanced efficacy and has pathways for growth across the learning community.

OUR COLLECTIVE MORAL PURPOSE: ENCOURAGING STRONG VALUES: The Upper Murray Learning Community values are deeply held beliefs that guide our actions and interactions.

BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS: Our schools’ value strong partnerships with each other, parents and our communities. We value accountability, contributions and being receptive to feedback.

HIGH QUALITY EDUCATION: We are a learning community that values academic achievement, and seeks to broaden students’ horizons and enrich their lives.

VALUES THE FUTURE: Our learning community understands the world is changing. We aim to give students and staff the skills and values to enable them to live effectively as lifelong learners in a changing world