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Upper Sandy Creek

Like many small rural schools, learning at Upper Sandy Creek takes place in multi-age classroom. We believe that this aspect of our classrooms is a valuable part of our educational provision. In some of the most progressive education systems and schools across the world, multi-age classrooms are: (according to educational research) increasingly viewed as cutting-edge educational practice that helps to foster a child-centered school culture

Some of the key advantages of such classrooms are

  • Longer time spent together means that children and teachers have more time to develop a close bond and children feel “known.”
  • Children form friendships across age groups, facilitating a more inclusive school culture.
  • Children easily learn how to co-operate, support, and care for each other.

At Upper Sandy Creek we believe that “from little things, big things grow”. Each of our students are encouraged to be individuals and to be independent. They are given every opportunity to grow and flourish. Our core belief is in a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. We invest heavily into our children’s education in these fundamental subjects. Our unique enrolment size allows us to focus our teaching to individual needs of the students. Staff also strive to ensure that opportunities for learning in literacy and numeracy are diverse, interactive, fun and promote independence.